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In Africa and some part of the world, children are being trafficked for forced labor especially in mining fields, as well as forced marriages and other harmful traditional practices. This is not only limited to Sexual exploitation.

In Sierra Leone, Poverty is an excuse based defence among the indigenous people that allow children in mining areas and the act of some harmful traditional practices like early forced marriages as one of the traditional and cultural norms in the society. This is against the international standards by which the country is a signatory to it instruments in defense and protection of the rights of the child. Apparently, the influxes in most trafficking victims are forced into prostitution in recent years.

“However, the trafficking of humans, especially our youth, is occurring in urban and rural communities across our country. We must not idly stand by and allow this heinous crime to continue. A crime against a child is a crime against humanity.” A comment from our member of Parliament (MP) in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada, Mrs. Joy Smith. “This clearly shows that Canadians, especially in Quebec, are concerned about the safety of our children.” Mrs. Smith concluded. In an effort to eradicate Child trafficking in Canada, the Canadian Government has tabled legislation, Bill C-268 in response to the call for human trafficking in Canada, a global concern. Mrs. Smith, my MP is one of my admirers in advocating, promotion and defense of human rights in Canada. She is one of the advocates behind a well drummed Bill C-268 in Canada. Yeah… we should popularize it indeed.

Bill C-268, has gained popular attention in the fight against human trafficking in Canada. This demonstrates the commitment and concern of the Canadian government in respect and protection of human rights as well as its obligations to international solidarity. “Child trafficking deserves our utmost attention and I hope that all Canadians will join in the fight against this modern day slavery.”Commented by MP Mrs. Smith.

Human trafficking must come to an end. It is a grossly wicked and reprehensible act in the human race. We have the privilege and opportunity to put an end to this heinous crime of human trafficking. Please join our team to advocate against human trafficking, a global call for justice. It should be done NOW than latter as a collective effort in the fight against human trafficking. Your comment is appreciated with thanks.

Together , We Can !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, human trafficking is a threat to global peace. The Canadian Government is very very lucky to have one of the vibrants MP's Mrs Joy Smith , a woman for that matter that strongly staunched in support of Bill C-268. This is a good example that should be emulated by other women and countries that are yet to legislate policies towards addressing human trafficking.

Good job MP Joy Smith. I have read series of her articles and statements after attending conferences and forums about human trafficking and human rights issues. This is one of the best women MP's that is ever been produced in Canada.

After reading the above article that was posted by "The Kaicombey Foundation", I quickly googled to search about the MP and was fortunate to access her official website. I was well enlighted and informed after reading and gone through her website.

I am not an activist but do admire people who give there time and invest their resources in this field. If this is collectively done, all of us will enjoy a just world, a world of peace, I guess.

Someone reference me to this website,, a research student from stockholm, Sweden in order to take advantage of some of their online-web resource. It was indeed helpful to me. I thank you the Kaicombey Foundation and family. You too keep the good job.


Juanna Czeh

July 30, 2010 at 11:17 PM  
Anonymous Indonesian Lawyer said...

Human trafficking has grown rapidly in this era. The relevant authority especially the police need to organize they way of solving this type of crime and also build good networking between police from various states.

It has been found that women and under age women trafficking is performed from one country to the other.

This need to be resolved quickly.

September 7, 2013 at 12:21 AM  

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